Visualizing the Ontario Government’s Open Data

Visualizing the Data Inventory

In previous posts, we compiled and shared a wealth of data and metadata connected with Ontario’s government-wide Data Inventory and Data Catalogue. These materials lay the groundwork for – and hopefully inspire – the study of the early development of an open data initiative undertaken by a sizable, democratic sub-national government.

Our final contribution (for now) to kick-starting  this study is to share a few ways of visualizing the Ontario Government’s Data Inventory.

First, we use D3 to convert any version of the Data Inventory to a force-layout graph, where

  • source nodes represent Ministries;
  • target nodes represent Datasets;
  • edges connecting source nodes and target nodes represent the relationship hasPublished; and
  • a target node’s colour (e.g. lime, yellowgreen, red, white) represents the Access Level of the corresponding Dataset (Open, To Be Opened, Restricted, Under Review).

Figures 1 and 2 represent Ontario’s Government-wide Data Inventory on July 29,2016 (its inception) and September 1, 2017, respectively.

Figure 1. Ontario’s Government-wide Data Inventory, July 29, 2016.


Figure 2. Ontario’s Government-wide Data Inventory, August 3, 2017.

We may also animate the Data Inventory’s evolution over time:

  • ontdi_00
  • ontdi_01
  • ontdi_02
  • ontdi_03
  • ontdi_04
  • ontdi_05
  • ontdi_06
  • ontdi_07
  • ontdi_08
  • ontdi_09
  • ontdi_10
  • ontdi_11
  • ontdi_12
  • ontdi_13


Finally, let’s add some functionality (tooltips and hyperlinks) to our visualization of the Data Inventory, so that users may explore and click on nodes to access the rich content about datasets on the web pages served by the Data Catalogue’s API.

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