Milestones in Ontario’s Open Government Initiative

October 2013 Open Government initiative launched.
April 2014 Open data voting tool launched.
175+ open data sets published.
May 2015 Public consulted on the Open Data Directive.
400+ open data sets published.
November 2015 Final Open Data Directive released.
April 2016 Ontario is selected to be part of the Open Government Partnership’s new pilot program. Ontario’s Open Data Directive came into force.
500+ open data sets published
August 2016 Public invited to submit open government ideas as part of the Open Government Partnership pilot program. Ministries start to add their data inventories to the Data Catalogue.
May 2017 We adopted the International Open Data Charter.
We published more directives as part of our commitment to Open Government.
June 2017 Our mid-term self-assessment report and progress update is posted.

Available at [Accessed 2017-09-01]

Ontario’s Open Government Initiative

Ontario’s Open Government Initiative is about creating a more open and transparent government for the people of Ontario. The OntOGI aims to make the province the most open and transparent jurisdiction in Canada by:

  1. Giving people more opportunities to weigh-in on government decision-making;
  2. Sharing government data online so people can help solve problems that affect Ontarians every day; and
  3. Providing people with the information they want and need to better understand how their government works.

The Open Government Project Tracker invites people to view how Ontario is doing government differently.

Arguably, the most important step taken by the Ontario government toward openness and transparency has been its Open Data Directive to all Ministries and Provincial Agencies (November 2015).

On the international stage, the Ontario government has declared its commitment to openness and transparency by:

  1. Enrolling in the Open Government Partnership’s innovative Subnational Government Partnership Pilot Program (April 2016); and
  2. Adopting the International Open Data Charter (May 2017)

The most recent milestone in the OntOGI was the government’s publication of a mid-term self-assessment report and progress update (June 2017).

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