About Us

Free and open service for us” expresses my vision of how we may preserve our public capacity to care for those in need.

By “service” I mean applying one’s skills and knowledge for someone’s benefit – including for one’s own benefit (self-service). My thoughts about service owe a lot to the groundbreaking work of Robert Lusch and Stephen Vargo on a service-dominant logic and to Stephen Osborne’s later work on a public service-dominant logic.

By “open” I mean service that is transparent to everyone – including to anyone who wishes to learn how they might benefit from an offer of service (service users), and to anyone who wishes to learn how they might (better) apply their skills and knowledge for someone’s (greater) benefit (service providers or developers).

By “free” I mean service that is free, as in freedom,” not “free, as in free beer.” Service is free when you have three essential freedoms:

  1. The freedom to study how the service works, and to modify what it does, so it does as you wish. This freedom depends on the service being open.
  2. The freedom to offer the service, so you, too, can benefit others.
  3. The freedom to offer your modified version of the service, so the whole community may benefit from your changes.

My thoughts about free owe a lot to the work of Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation and Eben Moglen of the Software Freedom Law Center.

FOS4US.CA is a resource for people who share my vision.

Readers are invited throughout to help with specific tasks on my to-do list - and to suggest their own improvements!